About My Work

I paint in oils. As a figurative painter, I engage in storytelling--the juxtaposition of the figure or multiple figures in unexpected settings tells a more complex story.   Though I have an initial idea of the theme and composition, the finished work will vary with the detours I take during the painting process.

I started experimenting with pure abstraction a few years ago and found it exhilarating.   Here there is no story—I simply ‘design’ with paint:   I start with a few bold, gestural strokes or marks, then build up layers of thick and thin paint, lights and darks, greyed and saturated hues as I work my way out of the empty canvas. Somewhere in the process an image or concept may (or may not) appear to take me the rest of the way until the painting seems to finish itself.

There are common threads in both endeavors: thick oil paint, expressive color and brushwork, and dynamic, organic movement.  I liken my figurative work to vocation, my abstract work to vacation, and drawing quick model poses with a model, to going to the gym – all three nourish me as an artist.

About Me

Born and raised on the San Francisco Peninsula, I found my passion for art while studying in Florence during my Stanford years. Richard Diebenkorn and Nathan Oliveira were teaching on campus then, which may account for my love of the Bay Area Figurative tradition.

After a 25-year career in interior design, I turned back to fine art. Color and composition were well-honed design tools, but starting in 2007, I spent much of the next four years in studio classes and painting workshops.

I am inspired by Van Gogh and Gauguin, Derain and Hans Hofmann, all bold artists who broke the rules.  My mentor is the talented Michael Azgour of Krakow and California.

I live in Menlo Park with my husband Jim and have a studio in Redwood City.  You'll find me there most days, or drawing new inspiration by hike or by bike through the glorious redwoods and wooded trails a few minutes away.